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Zero-Point Energy Healing Sessions Support Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health

My name is Susan Rensberger.   I work as  an interdimensional communicator/channel, energy worker and teacher promoting emotional and physical health and spiritual growth.

How does energy work support human health and well-being?

For more than 30 years I have been developing my capacity to connect with spirit through meditation.  Today, we often speak of spirit as energy, and so it is.

I facilitate healing of the human energy field, which supports health in the mind and body.  As an intermediary, I pass the energy of spirit or zero-point energy to my clients.

Zero-point energy contains all frequencies, and just as stem cells can take any form and function in the body, so zero-point or Source energy can attune any cell to its perfect resonant frequency for healthy function.  It can also attune thoughts and feelings, transmuting lower-frequency emotions to higher ones.

What can a Zer-Point Energy Healing session do for you?

Support physical health and healing

We now have the scientific knowledge to understand that everything is energy.  What appears to be physical is simply energy vibrating at a lower frequency or rate.

When we get sick, it’s because something is blocking the full and free flow of energy through our body.  This weakens our cells’ ability to function and maintain health, making us vulnerable to disease and injury.

What can block the flow of energy?  Traumas, fear, guilt, regret, hatred – a host of lower-frequency emotions stored in our bodies and energy field.

The power of working with the energy field is that we can clear emotional blockages by healing old wounds, restoring the free flow of energy to the body and enabling it to heal itself.

I have helped clients to:
  • Identify and heal the underlying causes of physical conditions, allowing the body to heal itself
  • Recover from fears that cause conditions such as allergies
  • Stop smoking by identifying the root cause for the addiction and healing it.
Support emotional health and spiritual growth

Our thoughts and feelings are also energy.  By attuning to the energy frequencies of another conscious being, one can communicate with that being whether currently in human form or not.  That communication, whether with another or our own Self or Soul and Source, can have a powerfully healing effect.

For people who have lost a loved one and still carry unresolved grief and questions, speaking with the soul of that person can be deeply healing and free them to experience new happiness in life.

When clients connect through me into their own eternal aspect — the soul or Self — and Source, they feel the infinite love that exists for every human being.  I help them open their hearts and minds to receive that love, lifting their spirits.  I channel for them messages of support and guidance that give them a higher perspective on their present circumstances.

I have helped clients to:
  • Heal unresolved grief from the loss of a loved one.
  • Identify and heal the source of lifelong phobias, ending them for good.
  • Understand the original cause of destructive and self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, such as self-judgment, resentment and fears.
  • Speak with a disabled child unable to communicate using the physical brain.
  • Receive wisdom, guidance energy attunement, and healing from their guides and higher Self.
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I’m Susan Rensberger — energy expert, interdimensional communicator, teacher and guide.  Every week on Voices from the Stars podcast, I ask Star Beings the big questions about life, and they answer in ways that surprise, inspire and empower.

For more than three decades, I’ve been working with Spirit, energy and consciousness to create more joy for myself and others.
Now I’d like to help you, too.

About Susan Rensberger

Energy Expert, Teacher, Healing Facilitator, and Interdimensional Communicator

For more than three decades, Susan Rensberger has explored the intersection between mystical spirituality, energy and communication.

She transmits Light Language, energy upgrades and messages from Beings in non-physical dimensions.  She has hosted a weekly podcast, Voices from the Stars, and now offers private energy sessions and writes Conversations with Consciousness newsletter.

In private sessions, Susan facilitates healing of body, mind, heart and soul by channeling high-frequency Source energy by serving as a bridge between the Source-Self of the client and their human form.

Susan lives in La Cumbre, Argentina, where Beings of higher dimensions abound!