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What’s the Truth About Success?

From the higher dimensions come frequencies that can change our energy.

Do you want to learn how we create a new and successful life?

Join Susan Rensberger as she channels Light Language and messages from Star Beings to support us as we create what we desire in our new lives.

In “The Truth About Success and Failure,” you’ll participate in three 90-minute live channeled classes tailored by the Star Beings specifically for you. You’ll learn how to create all the positive changes you want for a happier, healthier, more prosperous life. That’s success!

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Have you ever asked yourself the big questions?

Who am I, really?  Where do I come from?  Why am I here?

I’m Susan Rensberger — energy expert, interdimensional communicator, teacher and guide.  Every week on Voices from the Stars podcast, I ask Star Beings the big questions about life, and they answer in ways that surprise, inspire and empower.

For more than three decades, I’ve been working with Spirit, energy and consciousness to create more joy for myself and others.
Now I’d like to help you, too.

About Susan Rensberger

Energy Expert, Teacher, Healing Facilitator, and Interdimensional Communicator

For more than three decades, Susan Rensberger has explored the intersection between mystical spirituality, energy and communication.

She transmits Light Language, energy upgrades and messages from Beings in non-physical dimensions.  She has hosted a weekly podcast, Voices from the Stars, and now offers private energy sessions and writes Conversations with Consciousness newsletter.

In private sessions, Susan facilitates healing of body, mind, heart and soul by channeling high-frequency Source energy by serving as a bridge between the Source-Self of the client and their human form.

Susan lives in La Cumbre, Argentina, where Beings of higher dimensions abound!